We are committed to providing our clients the best interior design experience and services where we create trans-formative, cultural, corporate, residential and other spaces that work in synchronous with their surroundings. People don’t believe what you do, but believe why you do it. Every person has something special with its concept hence we allow people to rationalize with tangible things we say and do. Our design process takes you on an exploration of creating experiences rather than just buildings using a wide range of materials innovatively. We gather here to exchange something of incalculable value. Partner with us to create personality with design.


Providing Architectural consultancy that comprises brief development, project progress -where our clients are kept involved and informed about designs while incorporating the latest technology to achieve astonishing results. We at Square 9 Designs ensure that our project will achieve time, cost savings, modularity, quality in delivery and spatial flexibility. We value our relationship with client and are determined to create spaces that resemble the individual personally and beautifully with our effective and efficient designing abilities. Our team is engaged in offering conceptualization of design while maintaining the essence of one’s personality by drawing the rhythm of life in tandem to their experiences. We stand by our belief that exterior of the building should reflect the function of the interior.


Need of the hour is inclining more towards sustainable development due to increasing population which cannot be ignored, hence our planners takes care not to disturb the ecological cycle and design strategically. We work as a team in converting needs into design keeping the quality, cost and time as our prime concern. Our planning does not turn a blind eye towards climate justice with the pattern of working along the spectrum from good planning to progressive planning. For this we strive for continuous improvement, innovation and technical excellence to fulfill our commitment towards client’s outcome. We offer comprehensive urban planning service for our clients where we devise strategies to deliver best solutions for urban development, master plans and frameworks of buildings. With an interdisciplinary approach, our architects, engineers, designers, planners and ecologists work to achieve strategic and sustainable goals.


Our professionals have experience and expertise in combining our design skills with climate responsive and scientific planning principles to serve a better living environment.  We start with the process of evaluating the quality of landscape and serving better solutions that meet the practical elucidation of the project in an artistic way. The approach to create an interactive environment with amalgamation of interior and exterior, weaving through landscape creates a better space to live in.